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The Second Annual Nesian Fest

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Celebrating Asian/Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Dates for 2021

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Cultural Attire is

Strongly Encouraged


"To Unify Through Diveristy"

The Event's mission is to raise cultural awareness and educate others on the various cultural backgrounds of the Asian/Pacific Islander Community. We strive to collectively preserve our roots, share our traditions, promote our arts as well as support our Students and Local Small Businesses.

Nesian is the Collective term that includes the Asian, Polynesian, Micronesian, and Melanesian Community. With your support we will be able to put forth our mission and keep our Cultures and Traditions alive with every successful event. Our Goal is to give back to College Students, the Cultural Dance Groups that preserve traditions through music and cultural attire, non-profit organizations, and the musicians/bands that create music tied to their roots even while music is continuously evolving. Funds raised for the Nesian Fest will go towards event expenses and will be awarded to those mentioned above. This will be the First Annual Event that will bring together not just the Asian/Pacific Islander Community, but the Local Community as a whole. We wish to spread nothing, but love as one Big Ohana(Family in Hawaiian).

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